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All the canoes for the tours are provided by us and include paddles and a life-jacket. The price is included in the tour.


We use Old Town Canoes wherever possible which are paddled in tandem - with two people aboard (usually). If you prefer to paddle solo then this can be arranged. These canoes are especially suited for the calm water conditions we will be paddling on and are stable and safe. They allow plenty of room for yourself and your stuff.


Children under 7 yrs old (but over 5 yrs old) must paddle as a 3rd person, in the middle, of a tandem canoe. Children over 7 yrs old should paddle in tandem with an adult. Children will only be allowed to paddle together after we have observed them for a day or two. life-jackets must be worn at all times.


The particular model is the Discovery 158 though not all models have the new seats with a back rest as shown on the link.


From time to time we get clients who wish to paddle a Kayak. We can arrange this for you if you prefer but we do stress that the rivers we canoe do not really warrant the use of a kayak and we feel tandem paddling in a canoe is the way to go.


Most of our guests have been canoeing before but we will insist on reviewing safety procedures at the beginning of paddling each day and revise paddling strokes for those who haven't paddled for a while or have paddled on lakes rather than rivers for example.


For those who have never paddled before their will be plenty of time for lessons as we go. These rivers are ideal places for learning.


If time and the inclination allows we can also practise other paddling procedures such as Eddy Turns, Peeling Out and Ferrying.


Our guests will not be expected to lift or carry canoes at any time.


Canoeing & Hiking



Although the main focus of the tours will be on the canoeing we will have plenty of time for short walks and longer hikes.


Where possible we will walk to and from the river, although this is not compulsory.


In the appropriate season when early mornings are light we can opt to go for a pre-breakfast walk. The length and timing of the walk will depend on a consensus reached between those that wish to walk, how early we wish to rise and the time of year.


On the Célé River we are asked by the Friends of the Célé Association not to start canoeing before 11am. This is to allow the Fisherman some undisturbed time on the river. We will spend the intervening time between breakfast and 11am enjoying a walk.


Some of the trails we walk on form part of the network of long-distance paths that criss-cross France. These are known as Grand Randonees (GR) and are way-marked by a red and white flash. We may walk on the GR36 (which goes from Normandy to the Pyrenees) and the GR651 (a diversion of the famous Way of St. James (GR65) in the Célé Valley.