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              Company No. 08353871

Tel: +32 477 395050 Email


If you have any questions at all then please don't hesitate to contact us.


All the different contact methods are on the Contacts page. We will be very happy to answer any questions.


Visitors from the European Union only require an ID card or a passport. Visitors from other countries should check with their own Embassy and make sure that they have a passport that is valid beyond the length of the stay and a Visa if necessary.

Tips at restaurants are covered by service charges and included in the costs of the trips.


It is not necessary to tip the guides at the end of the trip.

The fastest and most expensive way is a taxi, about 50€.


By bus take the Air France bus #4 to Gare de Lyon and then walk 5-8 minutes to Austerlitz across the river.


By train take the RER B to Gare du Nord,  and either connect to Metro line 5 in the direction of Place d´Italie and exit at Austerlitz or get the RER A to Gare du Lyon and walk over the river to Austerlitz.

If you are driving  then we will make arrangements for you to leave your car either at our mini-van hire place or at our first nights accommodation. We will of course deliver you back to your car at the end of the trip. It may be possible for your car to come with us provided our driver can shuttle it and yours is the only car.

On the first day of the Perigord and Cele trips we will meet you at the Brive train station at 1pm and if you do not arrive on this train we will stay until 2pm for the later train, trains take approximately 4 hrs from Paris Austerlitz and depart from there at about 9 and 10am. If the trains are delayed then of course we will wait. If trains are missed then hopefully you will contact us about the situation and we will make arrangements. From Brive it is a 40 minute drive to St Leon and Relais de Cote de Jor if you are on the Perigord trip or a 1hr 20 min trip to the Cele Valley if you are on the Cele trip. We can decide to use Brive station if preferred for the Cele trip.


The usual meeting point for the Ardeche/Tarn trip is the Avignon TGV station. We will meet at midday on the first day and return at midday on the last. Montpelier TGV station can be used for the Tarn trip.


Our usual rendezvous point for the Belgium Ardennes trip is the Eurostar station at Brussels Midi. Again approximately midday pickup and return.


Tickets can be purchased online ahead of time or on the day. Tickets purchased in advance are often much cheaper.


On the final day of the trip we will take you back to the station to catch a train about midday.


If we have made arrangements to meet you elsewhere, at one of the Regional Airports for example, then we will have organised the times for meeting at arrivals before the holiday begins, as well as the return details.

The rivers we paddle on these trips are rated as easy to medium: in the usual classification system this is no harder than Class II. That is small and straightforward rapids from time-to-time, but mostly flat, green water. It is very suitable for novice canoers and children.


At most we shall paddle 12 miles in a day which will take approximately 5 hours. Generally we will canoe less than this distance and we will take a lunch break, and stop whenever we wish. As long as you are reasonably fit then the paddling should provide few problems. Remember we are canoeing downstream and letting the river do most of the work.


Everyday will will review the safety procedures for the water and we will provide paddling instruction for those that are novices and a revision for the more experienced. New paddlers need have no fear that we will leave them behind. The canoeing we do is not about racing down the river: it is about enjoying the environment and our surroundings. It is about enjoying ourselves.


The trips also include some walking and hiking. We try to avoid sitting in the small bus as much as possible! Again, as long as you are reasonably fit then these walks should provide no problem. In any case the walks are optional and you will always be offered a ride instead if you wish.


If you have any questions about the rivers or the terrain then please do email to ask. We have paddled these rivers and walked these trails many times.

For emergency contact during the trip please use the numbers on the Contact Page.  These will reach the guides in France immediately, or you can call the inns directly.  France is an hour ahead of UK Time and 6 hours ahead of Eastern Time for visitors from the USA.


At the beginning of the trip we will exchange mobile/cell telephone numbers.

Private bookings can be arranged for any of our trips. You choose the number of people and the dates you require and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you require a longer trip, or indeed a shorter one then we can discuss this too. We can change the itinerary if you like and make room for other activities not mentioned here. Everything can be talked about.

All river trips involve some risk and you have the responsibility to select a trip appropriate to your ability. It is very important that you have appropriate insurance that covers loss, injury and even death to yourself and third-parties. If you are from the UK then we advise that you become a member of the British Canoe Union: this automatically provides insurance cover. If canoe adventures are covered in your standard travel insurance arrangements then this is fine. We will try to provide advice on these matters if required.


We need to see evidence of your insurance arrangements prior to departure.


Both of the guides on the trip will also be suitably insured and you will be able to see the documents if you so wish.


If any person impairs the welfare of another person on the trip or impedes their enjoyment of the trip then we will ask them to leave. A refund is not possible under these circumstances.


All disputes will be settled by laws and courts in the UK and Europe.

Children are also welcome on the trip although the minimum age is 5 yrs old. Children under 7 yrs old must paddle with two adults. Under 12's are not allowed to paddle on their own. We provide life-jackets and recommend that they are worn at all times when on the water. That applies to adults too.


Everyone should be able to swim 25m minimum.


The discount for those under 18 is 15% for the first and 25% for others.


The discount for those under 12 is 25% for the first and 50% for others.

If you come on the trip as a couple but one of the partners does not wish to paddle the rivers then it is certainly possible to make other arrangements. At the least you can accompany the driving guide or we can arrange for you stay at the lodgings during the day or even find you some walks. If you like to fish then we can also find you a spot on the river-bank.


If you really like to fish you can even troll off the back of a canoe as you drift downstream. As long as you don't get too far behind! We will ensure that you have the appropriate license.

Single travellers are very welcome on our trips. Generally we have two to a room and if you are willing to share then that's great. If you do want to have a room to yourself then the surcharge is 35 Euros per night.

Our trips run with a maximum of 7 guests, unless a custom trip has been organised. A trip needs a minimum of 4 guests to run. A trip with only 1 person cannot be run. In this case a full refund will be made or the trip re-scheduled.

If you cancel before 60 days then you may re-schedule your trip for another date at no extra charge or we will refund 75% of your deposit.


If you cancel within 30 to 60 days of depature, we will refund 50% of the trip price, and if you cancel within 30 days of departure we will refund 25% of the trip price.


In the unlikely event of the trip being cancelled by us then everything will be refunded.


No refunds are possible for arriving at a trip late or leaving early.

To book a trip send your request to us via an email with the details of which trip, which dates and how many people.  A deposit of 10% is required. The balance is due 60 days before departure.


If the dates you choose are already fully booked then we will suggest alternative dates or put you on a waiting list.


When a booking is confirmed and a deposit received you will be sent a full itinerary with complete details about the trip. Don't forget about travel insurance.

Prices Include


  • All transport during the trip, including pick up and return to the meeting point

  • All accommodation and breakfasts

  • All evening meals.

  • All picnic lunches, including drinks

  • All canoe and paddling equipment, including drinking water

  • Services of guides at all times during the trip.

  • Services of Green River Canoes before the trip.


Prices do not include


  • Transport from home to the meeting point.

  • Personal expenditure such as laundry, telephone calls and evening drinks.

  • Entrance fees to museums, castles and gardens etc



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