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Our Guided Inn-to-Inn Canoe Trips are ideally suited to team building exercises and can aid the following:




We canoe in tandem canoes which obviosuly require a great deal of co-operation, and of course communication is required between canoes to keep the group together and on track to achieve the days task.


Our river guide will be on hand merely to assist those who lack canoeing experience, to provide instruction when needed and to ensure safety.




It will obviously become apparent during a multi-day canoe trip that certain members are making, or encouraging,  decisions and/or motivating the others in the tasks.


It's a Break


The trip is also a vacation from the normal work routine. Giving employees a deserved break can increase motivation and performance once they return to the workplace.


New Ideas


Off river time can be used to explore problems at work in a new place. Often a new environment can change the way they think and promote ideas. If you have been facing a challenge at work  a team-building retreat can give employees and management the space to solve problems and enable creative thinking.




Off river time can also be used to keep your employees up-to-date with the industry by including relevant guest speakers. Guest speakers can also help motivate employees and get them thinking outside of the box.




In many ways you can forget team-building exercises, guest speakers, and educational material, you should reward your employees for a job well done.

Team Building Trips

All of our Guided Inn-to-Inn Canoe Trips are suitable for Team Building activities particularly the shorter ones.


We can accommodate 3 group sizes: 4 to 7 guests with 2 guides (one on the river and one in the minibus), 8 to 14 guests (3 guides, with 2 on the river) and more than 14 guests for which we will make the appropriate arrangements.


We can make the itinerary shorter or longer to suit your requirements and we can also re-arrange the accommodation so that we stay in the same place each night - this can often make planning extra-curricular activities easier.


Our trips are usually used for relaxed holidays but if you require a more intense canoeing challenge then we can tweak the length of the days canoeing to a more intense level. A common challenge is to do a 100 mile canoe trip in 4 days. Our Expedition page introduces some multi-day, single river trips that are suitable for this, and although these are described as camping trips they can also be re-designed for Inn-to-Inn or single-hotel itineraries.


Our guides are also familiar with the hiking trails on these trips and a team-building program could also be designed that incorporates hiking and canoeing.


Finally we can make special arrangements for the rendezvous point where we meet the group. We are happy to pick you up and deliver you back to suitable regional airports or railway stations.