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Canoeing clothes including shorts, t-shirts, fleece and swimming things.


Rain clothes. Well known fact: if you bring these it doesn't rain and if you don't it does.


Hat and perhaps a Bandana.


River shoes, shoes that you don't mind will get wet.


Hiking shoes or boots for when we hit the trail. Lightweight is fine.

Fleece or jumper or jacket for cooler evenings and long trousers.


Dry shoes!


Something nice for your evenings out! Although we never need formal clothes.

Glasses and/or Sunglasses with a security string.


Sunscreen or block.


Insect stuff. There are very few biting insects in this part of the world and very few mosquitoes. Best be safe though. Visitors from the USA should know that France has no Poison Ivy, but we do have Stinging Nettles.


Lip balms and moisturisers.


Water Bottle. Although we supply water it can get warm!


Drybag. This is a small water-proof bag to take in the canoe to keep your stuff in. We recommend one large enough for spare clothes and your waterproofs and then smaller ones for your valuables such as a wallet, phone, pad and camera.


Binoculars and camera.


Camping Knife. Everyone like to whittle.


Books and journals and stuff.

What to take