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A picnic lunch on the river Cele, France

During the day we will take a picnic with us on the river and find somewhere pleasant to have our lunch beside the river or on a small island. Our picnics will comprise of fresh local breads, with local regional cheeses and charcuterie. We will also provide fresh raw and julienned vegetables, salad and some fresh seasonal fruit. To drink we will provide water and a local wine. When in the Perigord this could be a Pécharmant or a Bergerac, and whilst on the Célé  we could try a Coteaux du Quercy or perhaps a black wine from Cahors.


If we are in Belgium then we will try the local beers.

In the evenings we will eat either at the place where we are staying or in a local restaurant in a village nearby. Every night all the guests and guides dine together. On the 12 Day trips we can organise a couple of evenings were we 'can be alone' if we want to..


In the Perigord & Lot the regional cuisine specialises in duck and goose and includes foie gras and truffles. Famous dishes include confits (slow cooked duck or goose), magret de canard (duck breast) and cassoulet (a bean stew with sausage and duck). The region is also known for pommes sarladaises (roast potatoes in garlic and parsley) as well as a variety of local cheeses, especially cabécou (a light goats cheese).


The area is also well known for its walnuts - we will see plenty of walnut orchards - and these feature in a number of salads and desserts. We will want to sample the apéritif Vin de Noix (Walnut Wine) and the Vin de Châtaignes (Chestnut Wine).

What we eat



If you have any particular dietary requirements or allergies then please inform us before the trip and we will adjust our menus accordingly and make arrangements where necessary.